How long does the service take?

Please allow 2-3 hours for colour services, and allow 3-4 hours for big colour services such as full heads of foils or if you have extra thick or long hair.

Toner appointments please allow approximately 30-45 mins.

Cuts/Styling appointments please allow 30mins to 1hour depending on hair length.

Please allow enough time as our services cannot be rushed.

What products do we use and stock?

We use Kevin Murphy Retail, Pravana Colour, Sunescape Tan, Bio Sculpture Gel Polish and CND Shellac

How far in advance do i need to book my appointments?

It is highly recommended that you book 4 weeks in advance, particularly for our late nights and Saturdays as they book out the fastest. We also encourage our clients to rebook on the day of their appointment so you avoid disappointment of missing out on the particular day and stylist that would suit best.

What can i do to prepare for my hair appointment?

~Discontinue any low quality, non professional products, (products from the supermarket or chemist), prior to your appointment at least 6 weeks before if possible. Our Salon recommendation for hair detox is Kevin Murphy Detox Shampoo. This is due to silicon/chemical reaction prevention.

~Please be honest with us on what you are using on your hair at home when we ask or when you fill out the client consult form, as we believe that 'honesty is the best policy'. We want the best results for your hair and care for the condition of your hair therefore it is very important for us to know as it impacts our decisions on what colour formulas to use.

~Please wash hair 3 days prior to appointment. Coming to the appointment with brushed hair is also appreciated.

~Please inform your stylist before the service has started if you have any medical conditions or allergies that may interfere with your hair service.

Can I bring my friends and/or kids to my appointment?

We would prefer if you didn't, but we understand that sometimes you may not be able to get a sitter and you still need your hair done. If you feel you need to, please limit to only 1 person/child as we have very limited space as it is fitting in our clients and they are our priority. They will also be asked to sit up the front so they are out of the way of our stylists and clients. It would be greatly appreciated for you to give us a phone call to let us know if you do plan on bringing someone with you.

Please come 10 minutes early to your appointment:

Coming early to your appointment is appreciated especially if you are a new client, you will be asked to fill out a consultation form, this gives you time to do that without running into your appointment time.

Why do we recommend to purchase salon quality products?

Because we care about your hair and we want the best for you! Low quality products can be damaging and cause chemical reactions if theres a build up on your hair when you come in for a colour service, that is why we recommend to detox and cleanse your hair for 6 weeks prior with salon quality products. Low quality products can have a massive impact on your colour service and the result you are wanting. Besides you have spent money on your hair so you should look after it too.

How long does it take for silicons/chemicals from low quality products to go from the hair?

We say that it can take approximately 6 weeks for these chemicals to cleanse from the hair. However because most of them are non water soluble it can take longer. 6 Weeks of detoxing and cleansing the hair with salon quality products is a safe amount of time to ensure no major chemicals reactions happen. We highly recommend using smart bond in your colour services to also help prevent damage to the hair.

Which salon quality products do we recommend?

We use Kevin Murphy, so ultimately this would be the best for you because it compliments the colours we work with and we get educated on our products regularly to know whats best for your hair. However, anything purchased from a salon or salon supplier is beneficial. We highly recommend you DO NOT purchase any products from the places listed below, as it is our professional opinion they WILL NOT benefit your hair or assist in the longevity of your colour.

-Coles -Woolworths -Safeway -Chemist Warehouse -Priceline or any chemists.

I'm on a budget and can't afford salon quality products, what's the next best option?

Our Kevin Murphy Shampoos and Conditioners are $38 each. This seems expensive, but they are highly concentrated and can last upto 3 months depending on how often you wash your hair and how thick and long your hair is. This works out to be $12 per month. Generally supermarket shampoos and conditioners have to be brought Monthly also and depending on the size and if they are 'the better quality supermarket products' are generally around $8-$10. This means, you are only spending an extra $2-$3 at most, extra on Shampoo and Conditioner but your hair is so much healthier for it!